Can a protected method override public method?

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Yes, a subclass may override a superclass’s protected method.

Can we override public method as private?

No, in Java we cannot override static or private methods.

How do you override a public method in Java?

Rules for overriding a method:

Java only allows for the writing of methods in subclasses, not in the same class. The argument list must be identical to the overridden method’s. The return type must be identical to or a subtype of the return type declared in the super class’s original overridden method.

Can I override protected method in C#?

Therefore, a public function can only be overridden as public, while a protected function can be overridden as either protected or public but not as private.

Can we override public method to private in Java?

Java does not allow overriding of static or private methods.

Which method we Cannot be override?

The mechanism of dynamically binding the method call with the method body based on the parameters passed to the method call is called overloading. Static binding is used to bond static methods at compile time. Therefore, in Java, static methods cannot be overridden.

Is protected methods are final?

1) Private methods are irreversible. 2) Inherited classes outside of a package can access protected members of the package. Protected methods have the last word.

Can we override non abstract method in Java?

Is it wise to override a non-abstract method in Java? Yes.

Can we overload Java main () method?

The main method in Java can be overloaded, but when a class is executed, the JVM first calls the public static void main(String[] args) method.

Can we override private virtual method in C#?

Virtual methods in the derived class can be overridden, but unlike abstract methods, this is not required. In C#, virtual methods cannot be made private. The body definition in C# must be provided for all virtual methods. In C#, a virtual method is not allowed to be static or abstract.

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Which of the following Cannot be overridden in C#?

3. With which of the following modifiers can Method overriding be avoided? Explanation: The term “sealed method” refers to a method that has the sealed modifier present in its instance method declaration. That means this method cannot be overridden by a derived class.

Can abstract method be private?

A class method that is private prevents access from outside the current class, including from its child classes. However, if a method is abstract, you must override it in a subclass before using it from the same class. The abstract method cannot be private as a result.

Can a static method can be private?

In Java 9, it is possible to include private methods or private static methods in an interface.

Can we override the overloaded method?

Can a function that is overloaded be overridden? Yes, as the compiler sees the overloaded method as a completely different method.

Can we inherit static method in Java?

Instance variables of any objects belonging to the class in which a static method is defined are not used. Static methods do not make use of variables; instead, they compute something from all the data in the parameters. Java allows us to inherit static methods.

Can a non private method in a superclass can be overridden?

You aren’t overriding it, though. You can test it by attempting to call super or to mark it with @Override.

Can a constructor be protected in Java?

Allowing access specifiers and modifiers with constructors

Constructors may use public, protected, and private modifiers. When building a singleton class in Java, we can use a private constructor. The Singleton’s function is to regulate object creation and enforce a one-object maximum.

Can we inherit final method in Java?

Yes, the final method is inherited; however, you are unable to override it.

Can return type change in overriding?

Since Java 5, we can only override a method by changing its return type if it complies with the requirement that the overridden method’s return type is a subclass of the original method’s return type.

Can we have constructor in abstract class?

Even though they are only called from their concrete subclasses, abstract classes in Java are still able to have constructors.

Can abstract class be public?

Comparing abstract classes and interfaces

All fields that you declare or define (as default methods) in an interface are automatically public, static, and final. In addition, you can implement any number of interfaces but you can only extend one class, whether or not it is abstract.

Can we declare constructor as final?

You cannot make a constructor final. Any subclass cannot override a final method.

Can we override public static void main?

Static methods cannot be overridden, and since the public static void main() method is static, we are unable to do so.

Can inner class be protected?

safeguarded Inner Class

Another unique situation is that of a protected inner class. As we can see, since this is a static inner class, it can be created independently of a FirstClass instance. We can only instantiate it from code in the same package as FirstClass because it is protected, though.

Can Java inner class be private?

An inner class can be made private, unlike a class, and once it has been made private, it cannot be accessed by objects that are not members of the class. The program to create an inner class and access it is provided below.

Can pure virtual functions be private?

First response: It’s not allowed. Derived classes cannot override a private function because they cannot see it. Because every pure virtual function needs to be overridden in order to instantiate the object, it isn’t C++.

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Can we override a method without virtual keyword?

A static or non-virtual method cannot be overridden. The virtual, abstract, or overridden base method is required. It is not possible to alter the virtual method’s accessibility with an override declaration. The access level modifier for the virtual method and the override method must match.

What is public override in C#?

Override: What Does It Mean? The C# keyword override is used to override a virtual member’s definition from the base class with that of the derived class.

What is the difference between virtual method and abstract method?

Virtual methods have an implementation that can be overridden by the derived classes. Abstract methods compel derived classes to override the method because they do not provide an implementation. Therefore, (non-abstract) subclasses MUST override the method because abstract methods DO NOT contain any actual code.

Can abstract class is final?

therefore, a final abstract combination is illegal for classes. Hence, a final class cannot contain abstract methods whereas an abstract class can contain a final method.

Difference between Final and Abstract in Java.

7. Can be inherited Cannot be inherited
8. Cannot be instantiated Can be instantiated

Can a subclass be abstract?

A new subclass is defined using this class as a base class. Although its superclass may be concrete, a subclass may be abstract. The Object class, for instance, is concrete, whereas some of its subclasses, like GeometricObject, may be abstract. A method from a superclass can be overridden by a subclass to make it abstract.

Can we declare local inner class as abstract?

There are no enclosing classes that include local inner classes. Since they are defined within a block, local inner classes aren’t allowed to have any access modifiers attached to them. They may, however, be marked as abstract or final.

Can we declare abstract methods as synchronized?

Java does not support synchronization of abstract methods. When a method is synchronized, it implies that the method’s code is also synchronized, meaning that only the thread that is currently accessing the method’s code is permitted to do so.

Can we create constructor in static class?

They are only permitted to inherit from the class Object. An instance constructor cannot be present in static classes. They may, however, include a static constructor. If a non-static class has static members that need complex initialization, it should also define a static constructor.

Can we call non-static variable in static method?

Only static data members and static methods of the same class or another class are accessible in a static method; non-static methods and variables are inaccessible.

Why constructor have no return type?

Therefore, the constructor doesn’t return a value because it isn’t called directly by your code but rather by the runtime code that handles memory allocation and object initialization. You cannot specify its return value because it is opaque to the user (if it has one at all when reduced to machine code).

Is constructor static or non static?

Java constructors aren’t allowed to be static

The fact that a Java constructor cannot be static is one of its key characteristics. We are aware that the static keyword refers to a class rather than a class object. There is no use of the static constructor because a constructor is called whenever an object of a class is created.

Is polymorphism and overloading same?

Multiple forms of the same object performing various tasks depending on the situation are referred to as polymorphism. Method overloading is the practice of writing two or more methods with the same name but different passing parameters in the same class.

Can private and final methods be overloaded?

Although they can be overloaded, private and final methods cannot be overridden. This means that a class may have multiple identical private/final methods, but a child class may not override a base class’s private/final methods.

Can we overload a static method?

Can a static method be overridden? No, we cannot override static methods because static binding is used at compile time to bond static methods, whereas dynamic binding is used at runtime for method overriding.

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Can we extend a static class?

A static nested class lacks access to the instance variables and methods of the outer class, just like static members do. With another inner class, you can extend a static inner class.

Why protected is not used for class?

Class is defined as protected, so it cannot be extended from a package outside of its own (not visible). And since it will then become the default access, which is permitted, if it cannot be extended, maintaining it as protected is pointless.

Can we assign superclass object to subclass?

No. Allowing that makes no sense at all. The explanation is that subclasses typically define extra behavior. If it were possible to assign a superclass object to a subclass reference, accessing class members that don’t actually exist would cause issues at runtime.

Can we call private method from subclass?

The private members of a parent class are not inherited by a subclass. However, the subclass may also use the public or protected methods that the superclass provides to access its private fields.

Can we call private method from child class?

A class’s private methods are inaccessible to calls from any other classes (be it the extending class). It can only be reached from within that class.

Can constructor throw an exception?

Constructors may, in fact, raise exceptions in Java. An object is also referred to as an instance of a class, and a constructor is a special kind of method that is used to create an object of a class using the new keyword.

Can we declare constructor as public?

No, constructors can be default, protected, private, or public (no access modifier at all). Even if something is made private, no one will be able to access it. Simply put, it means that only those in the class have access to it. Private constructor is therefore also helpful.

Can constructor have void return type?

Keep in mind that the constructor cannot have a return type and that its name must correspond to the class name (like void ). Also take note that when an object is created, the constructor is called.

Can constructor synchronized Java?

Keep in mind that constructors cannot be synchronized; it is improper to use the synchronized keyword with a constructor. Because only the thread that creates an object should have access to it while it is being constructed, synchronizing constructors is illogical.

Can we create immutable class in Java?

In Java, an immutable class means that once an object is created, its content cannot be changed. All wrapper classes in Java, such as Integer, Boolean, Byte, and Short, as well as the String class, are immutable. We can also design our own immutable class.

Can we inherit static method in Java?

Instance variables of any objects belonging to the class in which a static method is defined are not used. Static methods do not make use of variables; instead, they compute something from all the data in the parameters. Java allows us to inherit static methods.

Can we override static method in interface?

The interface’s static methods can only be accessed by using their name; they cannot be modified. It will be regarded as another (static) method of the class if you attempt to override a static method of an interface by defining a comparable method in the implementing interface.

Can abstract class have static methods?

You can define the static method in the abstract class, of course. You can use the abstract class to call that static method, or you can use a child class that extends the abstract class. Additionally, you are able to call static methods via an instance or object of a child class.