Can protected methods be overridden in PHP?

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The problem isn’t that you cannot override the protected method, it’s that you are calling a protected method from outside of the class. After the class is instantiated, you can call a public method which in turn could call get_name() and you will see that the code will work as expected.

Can you override a protected method PHP?

Code Inspection: Method visibility should not be overridden

Overriding a protected method with a public method in a child class makes this method accessible from everywhere. This violates the encapsulation principle and is considered bad practice. See Method Visibility ( for details.

Can protected methods be overridden?

Yes, the protected method of a superclass can be overridden by a subclass. If the superclass method is protected, the subclass overridden method can have protected or public (but not default or private) which means the subclass overridden method can not have a weaker access specifier.

What is protected method in PHP?

protected – the property or method can be accessed within the class and by classes derived from that class. private – the property or method can ONLY be accessed within the class.

How can I access protected variable in PHP?

We can use bind() or bindTo methods of Closure class to access private/protected data of some class, for example: class MyClass { protected $variable = ‘I am protected variable!

Can we override static method in PHP?

Here comes the call of static method with static keyword.

In case there is no overridden function then it will call the function within the class as self keyword does. If the function is overridden then the static keyword will call the overridden function in the derived class.

Can we extend protected class?

class is defined protected —> it cannot be extended from outside package(not visible). And if it cannot be extended then it is meaningless to keep it as protected, because then it will become default access which is allowed.

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Can we override static method?

No, we cannot override static methods because method overriding is based on dynamic binding at runtime and the static methods are bonded using static binding at compile time. So, we cannot override static methods. The calling of method depends upon the type of object that calls the static method.

Can we override public method as private?

No, we cannot override private or static methods in Java.

What is the difference between private and protected?

Things that are private are only visible within the class itself. Things that are protected are visible in the class itself and in subclasses.

What is the difference between public/private and protected?

Broadly speaking, public means everyone is allowed to access, private means that only members of the same class are allowed to access, and protected means that members of subclasses are also allowed.

How do I access protected methods?

The method displayed in class A is protected and class B is inherited from class A and this protected method is then accessed by creating an object of class B.

  1. similar to the same class.
  2. similar packages’ subclasses.
  3. various classes within the same packages.
  4. different package subclasses.

Can protected members be accessed by objects?

Protected members in a class are similar to private members as they cannot be accessed from outside the class. But they can be accessed by derived classes or child classes while private members cannot.

Can constructor be overridden?

Constructor appears to be a method but is not one. Its name is the same as the class name and it lacks a return type. A constructor, however, cannot be replaced. The compiler treats it as a method, expects a return type, and produces a compile time error if you attempt to write a constructor for a super class in a sub class.

Can we override the overloaded method?

Can a function that is overloaded be overridden? Yes, as the compiler sees the overloaded method as a completely different method.

Can we declare abstract method as private?

A class method that is private prevents access from outside the current class, including from its child classes. However, if a method is abstract, you must override it in a subclass before using it from the same class. The abstract method cannot be private as a result.

Can we declare static methods as private?

In Java 9, it is possible to include private methods or private static methods in an interface.

Can a non private method in a superclass can be overridden?

You aren’t overriding it, though. You can test it by attempting to call super or to mark it with @Override.

Can we increase the visibility of the overridden method?

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Which method we Cannot be override?

The mechanism of dynamically binding the method call with the method body based on the parameters passed to the method call is called overloading. Static binding is used to bond static methods at compile time. Therefore, in Java, static methods cannot be overridden.

Does overloading happen at compile time?

Overloading occurs at compile time, whereas overriding occurs at run time. Overloaded method calls are bound to their definitions at compile time, but overridden method calls are bound to their definitions at run time.

Can we override static and private method?

Java does not allow overriding of static or private methods. The super class method will be hidden if a similar method with the same return type and method arguments is created in a child class; this is referred to as method hiding. Similar to how you cannot access a private method in a subclass, you also cannot override it.

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Can we override inner class?

Private methods in Java cannot be overridden because they are non-virtual and have a different access than methods that are not private. You simply cannot override them because private methods are not accessible in a subclass and method overriding is only possible on derived classes.

Are protected methods public?

A method is typically public unless it is specifically stated that it is private or protected. The initialize method is an exception because it is always implicitly private. Any “global” method declared outside of a class definition also falls under this exception; these methods are defined as private instance methods of Object.

Is protected package private?

When a member is marked as private, it means that only other members of that class may access it. The protected modifier designates that the member can only be accessed by a subclass of its class in another package as well as within its own package (like with package-private).

Should methods be public or private?

Generally speaking, you should make as little of yourself visible as you can. No problem, just make it public if you make a mistake and fail to disclose something.

What is the difference between a constructor and a method?

An Object is created and initialized using a constructor. Some statements are executed using a method. The System implicitly calls a constructor. Invoking a method requires program code.

What is polymorphism in oops?

One of the fundamental ideas of object-oriented programming (OOP), polymorphism describes situations where something occurs in a variety of forms. It refers to the idea in computer science that you can access objects of various types through the same interface.

What is the difference between default and protected?

What distinguishes protected access specifiers from default access specifiers in Java? In contrast to the Default access specifier, which is a package level access specifier and may be visible in the same package, the Protected access specifier is visible both within the same package and in the subclass.

Can subclasses access protected variables?

Modifier for Protected Access – Protected

Only the subclasses in the other package or any class within the package of the protected members’ class may access variables, methods, and constructors that have been declared protected in a superclass.

Can subclass access private members?

The private members of a parent class are not inherited by a subclass. However, the subclass may also use the public or protected methods that the superclass provides to access its private fields.

How can we call a protected method from abstract class?

2 Answers

  1. Make a new class that extends the abstract SingleBrowserLocator class; this new class must implement the abstract methods.
  2. Find a SingleBrowserLocator non-abstract subclass that exposes that method or has other public methods that call the protected one.

Can constructors and destructors be inherited?

Constructors and destructors aren’t class members or inheritable; instead, they’re called automatically if a subclass doesn’t have a constructor.

When inheritance is private the private members are?

One method of putting the has-a relationship into practice is through private inheritance. Public and protected members of the base class are converted into private members of the derived class through private inheritance. This implies that the derived object’s public interface does not inherit the base class’s methods.

Can we override public static void main?

Static methods cannot be overridden, and since the public static void main() method is static, we are unable to do so.

Can we declare main method as final?

In Java, we can declare that the main () method is final. No errors are thrown by the compiler. Any method that has the final keyword declared as final is deemed to be the final method. The primary function of Java’s final methods is that they cannot be overridden.

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Can static method be overloaded?

Static methods should be accessed by class name rather than an object, according to Java coding convention. In Java, a static method can be overloaded but not overridden, to put it briefly.

Can constructor be static or final?

Java constructors aren’t allowed to be static

The fact that a Java constructor cannot be static is one of its key characteristics. We are aware that the static keyword refers to a class rather than a class object. There is no use of the static constructor because a constructor is called whenever an object of a class is created.

Is return type same in method overloading?

In Java, you cannot overload a method using a different return type but the same kind and quantity of arguments. the same name various parameters (different type or, different number or both).

Why constructor is private in Singleton?

The object of our singleton class is provided to the target class by calling a static method in which the logic to provide only one object of singleton class is written, as opposed to any target class being able to instantiate our class directly by calling constructor.

Can we declare constructor as final?

You cannot make a constructor final. Any subclass cannot override a final method.

Can we use abstract keyword with constructor?

Since a constructor cannot be overridden, if it is made abstract, it cannot have a body. As a result, the constructor does not support the abstract keyword.

Can we declare abstract methods as synchronized?

Java does not support synchronization of abstract methods. When a method is synchronized, it implies that the method’s code is also synchronized, meaning that only the thread that is currently accessing the method’s code is permitted to do so.

Can abstract method be private?

A class method that is private prevents access from outside the current class, including from its child classes. However, if a method is abstract, you must override it in a subclass before using it from the same class. The abstract method cannot be private as a result.

Do protected methods get inherited?

Protected means that only members of the same package or those who have inherited the method may access it. Protected methods can therefore be overridden by a subclass in any package, so the answer is yes. In contrast, even subclasses that are in a different package cannot see package (default) scoped methods.

Can a subclass member be overridden?

A method cannot be overridden if it cannot be inherited. Any superclass method that is not marked as private or final may be overridden by a subclass that resides in the same package as the superclass of the instance. Only non-final methods that have been made public or protected can be overridden by a subclass in a different package.

Can private methods override public methods?

No, in Java we cannot override static or private methods. Java’s private methods are only accessible to the class in which they are declared, limiting their use to that class.

Can final method be overloaded?

Can a Final Method be Overridden? No, it is not possible to override or hide methods that have been declared final. Because of this, a method should only be declared final when we are certain that it is finished.

Which method can be inherited but not overridden?

Overriding static methods is not possible.