How do I recover my security questions for Google Answers?

How do I recover my Google answer questions?

Go to the Account recovery page.

Enter an email connected to your account

  1. We send security alerts to your recovery email address, which also aids in logging back in.
  2. One of your alternate email addresses can be used to log in.
  3. You can get information about the majority of Google services you use from a contact email address.

How do you get into my Gmail if I forgot my password and security questions?

Click the “Forgot Password” link on the Gmail sign-in page. Enter the most recent password you can recall. Click “Try a different question” if you can’t think of one. To receive a password reset email, enter the backup email address you entered when you created your Gmail account.

How do I find out my security question?

For example, good security questions produce answers that are:

  1. Safe: Impossible to guess or research.
  2. Stable: Consistently alter over time.
  3. Easy to remember and memorable.
  4. are concise, clear, and consistent.
  5. Have a wide range of potential responses.
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What happened to Google security questions?

Security questions are no longer supported by Google in any way; the only option left was to delete any that had already been set up.

Can I contact Google to recover account?

Avoid using account recovery services.

You cannot call Google for assistance with signing into your account due to security concerns. We don’t partner with any services that advertise support for accounts or passwords. Never divulge your verification codes or passwords.

How do I contact Google customer service?

American numbers include +1-650-206-5555, +1-650-763-0461, and +1-855-593-8213.

How do I change my security question?

Change Your Security Question

  1. Enter Password in the Quick Find box to access your personal settings, then click Change My Password.
  2. your current password here.
  3. Choose a security question from the drop-down list.
  4. In the Answer field, type your response to the prompt.
  5. Press Save.

What is the security question and answer?

The recipient of an Interac e-Transfer must answer a security question and answer in order to accept or reject the transfer using Interac e-Transfer Services.

Does Google have a customer support phone number?

Other options for customer service

– Toll-free customer service number: 1-800-419-0157.

Is Google support 24 hours?

24/7 assistance for the Chrome browser (including holidays). P1 and P2: 24/7 (including holidays). P3 and P4: During Business Hours. 24/7 assistance for the Chrome browser (including holidays).

Can you email Google support?

You can reach Google by phone at 1-866-246-6453 or by email at, but please keep in mind that you probably won’t hear back from them.

What is Google backup code?

You can use backup codes to sign in to your Google Account if you misplace your phone or are otherwise unable to receive codes by text, call, or Google Authenticator. It’s important to note that once you sign in using a backup code, the code is no longer valid. A fresh batch of 10 backup codes is always available.

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How do I recover my Google account if I changed my phone number?

Click “Recovery email” under the “Ways we can verify it’s you” section (see above). In the pop-up box, click “Add Recovery Phone” and type the phone number. At that phone number, Google will text you a verification code. Fill out the pop-up box with it.

What are the types of security questions?

Here are examples of some common security questions:

  • Which city did you grow up in?
  • What’s the name of your preferred animal?
  • What was the maiden name of your mother?
  • How about the high school you attended?
  • Which school did you attend in elementary school?
  • What brand did your first car have?
  • What was your favorite food when you were young?

How do I change my recovery question Osrs?

Recovery questions were once a supported security feature but have since been retired. A feature that was used to confirm account ownership was recovery questions. Accounts with already-set questions and answers won’t be able to add new questions or modify existing ones.

How do I reset my security questions on my Iphone?

Change your security questions

  1. Visit and log in.
  2. Select Account Security under Sign-In and Security.
  3. Select Change security questions from the list of security questions.
  4. Select Update after selecting your new security questions and their answers.
  5. After entering your Apple ID password, click Done.

Do security questions work?

Because security questions rely on knowledge, they are susceptible to exploitation. For example, if an attacker guesses, researches, or phishes a security answer, the account is compromised. Even the most effective security queries are vulnerable to these attacks.

Are old RuneScape accounts deleted?

@Nolonar Accounts cannot be removed from RuneScape. I had an old account that had not been used in almost ten years, had never been subscribed to, and was still exactly how I had left it.

Can you use your RuneScape account on Old School?

You will create a new account on Tutorial Island the first time you log in to Oldschool Runescape using your “old” Runescape login information. Your Runescape progress is kept separate from your Oldschool Runescape progress but is not lost.

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What do I do if I forgot my privacy password and RealMe security question?

Use the “forgot password” link on the RealMe login page if you can’t remember your password. You must enter both your username and the email address connected to it. You can also enter your username and associated mobile number by clicking “Reset password by TXT instead” and then choosing that option.

How do I reset my Google Chrome password?

Change your password

  1. Create a Google account. Perhaps you’ll have to log in.
  2. Choose Signing in to Google under “Security,”
  3. Select Password. You might have to sign in once more.
  4. Select Change Password after entering your new password.

How do I turn off two factor authentication?

Turn off 2-Step Verification

  1. Open the Google Settings app on your Android smartphone or tablet. your Google Account management.
  2. Tap Security from the top menu.
  3. Tap 2-Step Verification under “Signing in to Google,” Perhaps you’ll have to log in.
  4. Select Turn off.
  5. To confirm, tap. Switch off.

How long do I have to wait to reset my Apple security questions?

each response

You won’t be able to use your security questions for a while if you answer them incorrectly too frequently in a row. After the waiting period, try resetting your questions. Ordinarily, 8 hours.

Why did Google remove security questions?

Since many answers to security questions could be guessed or discovered through a Google search, they weren’t a very effective method of account protection. As an illustration, Sarah Palin’s Yahoo email account was hacked by someone who discovered her top-secret questions’ solutions.

How do I recover my recovery email on Gmail?

Forgot the email address you use to sign in

  1. Use these steps to locate your username. You must be aware of: a phone number or the account’s recovery email address. your account’s full name.
  2. To verify that it is your account, follow the instructions.
  3. There is a list of usernames that are compatible with your account.