What type of PHI is protected by Hipaa quizlet?

Terms in this group (9) All “individually identifiable health information” held or transmitted by a covered entity or its business associate, in any format or medium, including electronic, written, or oral, is protected by the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

What kind of PHI is protected by the HIPAA privacy Rule quizlet?

All Protected Health Information (PHI), which is individually identifiable health information that is collected, stored, or transmitted on paper, orally, electronically, or by any other media, is protected by the Privacy Rule under HIPAA.

Which of the following forms of PHI is covered under HIPAA quizlet?

HIPAA safeguards ALL of a patient’s personal health data, including data on their physical and mental health, financial transactions, and demographics. All verbal, written, and electronic forms are covered. Protected health information, or PHI, is the name given to the data as a whole.

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For which of the following types of PHI does HIPAA?

PHI is any type of health information, including verbal, written, or electronic records. PHI thus encompasses medical bills, lab test results, medical records, and health histories. In essence, any health information that contains unique HIPAA identifiers is regarded as PHI.

What is PHI protected health information )? Quizlet?

Protected health information (PHI) is information that identifies or could identify a patient and relates to healthcare or payment for a patient’s services.

Which of the following is protected health information under HIPAA quizlet?

What data is protected under HIPAA? Health Information That Is Not Public (PHI). All “individually identifiable health information” that is stored or transmitted by a covered entity or a business partner, in any format or medium, including electronic, written, or oral, is protected by the Privacy Rule.

Which of the following is not considered protected health information PHI )?

PHI only pertains to data on patients or health plan participants. It excludes data from educational and employment records, including health data kept by a HIPAA covered entity acting in its capacity as an employer.

Which of the following is not a covered entity under HIPAA quizlet?

Which of the following is not a provider entity according to HIPAA: associates in business. Healthcare organizations in the United States outsource some services to foreign nations, including transportation. Offshore vendors are not covered by HIPAA and are not required to abide by its privacy and security rules.

Which three of the following are considered covered entities under HIPAA?

Health plans, healthcare clearinghouses, and healthcare providers who electronically transmit any health information in connection with transactions for which HHS has adopted standards are all considered covered entities under the HIPAA regulations.

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What are examples of a specific person’s PHI?

Name is an example of PHI. Address (including subdivisions smaller than state such as street address, city, county, or zip code) (including subdivisions smaller than state such as street address, city, county, or zip code) Any dates (other than years) that are specifically related to an individual, such as their birthday, the day they were admitted or released from the hospital, when they passed away, or their exact age if they were over 89.

What three types of covered entities are specified in the HIPAA privacy Rule quizlet?

Organizations that have access to patient personal health information are included in this set of terms (81). They consist of healthcare suppliers, insurance companies, and clearinghouses.

What are examples of a specific person’s PHI quizlet?

PHI consists of all details that could be used to identify a specific person, including their date of birth and social security number. PHI covers a person’s past, present, and future physical or mental health or condition, as well as the giving of medical care to that person.

Which of the following are permitted uses of protected health information PHI?

For its own operations in the areas of treatment, payment, and health care operations, a covered entity is permitted to use and disclose protected health information.

Which of the following are exempt from the HIPAA security Rule?

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, the following organizations are exempt from the government’s privacy law known as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA): insurers of life. Employers. carriers for workers’ compensation.

What are the 4 main rules of HIPAA?

There are four main sections in the HIPAA Security Rule Standards and Implementation Specifications that were designed to list pertinent security measures that support compliance: Physical, administrative, technical, third-party vendor, and policies, procedures, and documentation needs are listed in that order.

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What are the 5 HIPAA rules?

To implement Administrative Simplification, HHS established five rules: (1) the Privacy Rule; (2) the Transactions and Code Sets Rule; (3) the Security Rule; (4) the Unique Identifiers Rule; and (5) the Enforcement Rule.

What falls outside of HIPAA privacy requirements?

Exceptions Under the HIPAA Privacy Rule for Disclosure of PHI Without Patient Authorization

  • Defeating an Imminent and Serious Threat.
  • the patient’s treatment.
  • guaranteeing public safety and health.
  • Notifying friends, family, and other caregivers.
  • Notifying the public and the media.

What are considered covered entities under HIPAA quizlet?

Healthcare Cleringhouses, Healthcare Providers, and Health Plans are covered entities. 2. Business Associates: People or organizations that work with Covered or exchange data with them.

What are personal identifiers for PHI quizlet?

-Specifies what constitutes identifiable protected health information (PHI), which includes elements like a patient’s name, birthdate, photo, medical diagnosis, address, social security number, etc.

In which situation can PHI not be legally disclosed?

The Privacy Rule states that a covered entity may not use or disclose protected health information unless: (1) it is permitted or required by the Privacy Rule; or (2) it has received written consent from the person whose information it is (or that person’s personal representative).

What does the HIPAA security rule cover quizlet?

All personally identifiable health information that a covered entity electronically generates, acquires, maintains, or transmits is protected by the Security Rule. “electronic protected health information” is what this data is called (e-PHI).

Which is not considered a covered entity?

HIPAA rules do not apply to non-covered entities. Social media apps for health are an example. wearables like the FitBit

Is email address considered PHI?

PHI includes details like your name and email address that are not specifically related to your health. Call-in number.